Brennabor 'rational' ordinary bicycle c 1890

Brennabor was the bicycle factory of (brothers) Gebrüder Reichstein in Brandenburg, Germany

I photographed this wonderful Brennabor 'Hochrad' in the German bicycle museum in Bad Brückenau. It is a 'rational', the model that was built by several factories aftwer 1887 to make the ordinary a bit safer. The museumn estimates it was built in 1890.  I have a catalogue of 1893 that still shows this model (see full set of pictures). At that time it was even available with (hollow) cushion tyres. 
The rational has a bigger rear wheel than the normal ordinary and usually the frontfork is placed under an angle. This helps against croppers. 

Brennabor found a wonderful and original solution with this unique curved front fork.  
Apart from that, it is a wonderfully finished bicycle. All details are nice, even the small caps on the cranks. 

Hollow front rim, tangent spokes, this bicycle could make a good rider! And then it's in my favourite condition: unrestored, original and complete. 

The way handlebars are fixed to the head (with 2 cotter pins) is a British patent of Coventry Machinists, I have seen it on a lot of German highwheels, by different makers. 

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